About Us: The Heart and Drive Behind Freedom Ropes

Our Story: From Passion to Innovation

About us

Lea and Danny, the driving force behind Freedom Ropes, have a deep-rooted connection with offroading. Danny's experience traces back to his childhood at Oceano Dunes, while Lea's passion evolved from BMX to leading a Powersports e-commerce company. Together, they've grown a small business, initially offering 17 ropes, into a diverse product range including Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes and innovative reflective tracer ropes, showcasing their dedication to both innovation and the offroad community.

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Innovative Products, Reflective of Our Journey

From humble beginnings with 17 ropes, our range now includes industry-first kinetic ropes with reflective tracers, underlining our commitment to safety and innovation in the offroad world.

Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

At Freedom Ropes, we're dedicated to transforming customer journeys into extraordinary experiences. Our personal touch as a mom-and-pop shop ensures every client feels valued and supported.

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Elevate your off-road experience

Ready to start your offroad experience with products crafted from passion and innovation? Join the Freedom Ropes family today!

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